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Work Permits
Certificate of Approval
Obtaining an Employment Permission
Work Permits

According to Russian legislation “foreign citizens are free to exercise their ability to work, choose their career and profession, and have the right to freely utilize their personal property in any enterprise or economic undertaking not prohibited by law”.

Foreign citizens need a Work permit to be able to work legally in the Russian Federation. It can be obtained by their employers at the Russian Federation Migration Service (FMS).

All employers (who want to use a foreign labour force) need to get an Employment permit in order to gain the right to employ foreign citizens.

It is the Federal Migration Service that issues the Employment and Work permits.

  Step 1

Employment permits are granted after submitting the Certificate of Approval (which states the needs and reasons for using foreign labour force). These certificates are issued by the State Employment Office.

  Step 2

The State Employment Office issues Certificates of Approval on the basis of earlier submitted requests for quotas on using a foreign labour force. Requests for quotas for the next year should be submitted no later than May 1st of the current year. These requests should also be approved by a specialist department dealing with the attraction and employment of a foreign labour force.

  Step 3

Work Permits are issued by the Federal Migration Service only if the employer’s company is granted the Employment Permit.


For foreign citizens with temporary residence the procedure of obtaining a Work Permit is simplified.


Both employers and hired foreign workers are liable to civil proceedings for violation of the procedures and laws connected with attraction and employment of foreign workers.


The issuing of permits is regulated by the following State Acts:


The Russian Federation Constitution.


The Federal law "Regarding the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation" (№115-FZ, dated 25.07.2002) with amendment №110-FZ, dated 18.07.2006.


Federal law “Regarding licensing of separate types of economic activity” dated 08.08.2001, №128-FZ.


Decree of the Russian Federation government “Regarding the regulations on issuance of Permits for temporary employment of foreign work force”, dated 25.11.2006, № 681.


The Civil Code of the Russian Federation, dated 30.11.1994.


There are certain categories of foreign citizens that don't need Work permits:


Permanent residents.


Current employees in the diplomatic services, employees of consulates of foreign states (within the territory of Russia), representatives of international organisations, Staff in waiting of the above mentioned category of foreign citizens(housekeepers, butlers etc).


Current employees of foreign companies (manufacturers or suppliers) who carry out assembling, maintaining, servicing of the technical equipment supplied to the Russian Federation.


Journalists accredited to work in the Russian Federation.


Students who study in Russian educational establishments and work for the period of their holidays.


Students who study in Russian educational establishments and work part-time as assistants in their places of study.


Teachers working in Russian educational establishments, except for the staff of establishments of religious education (seminaries etc.).


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